"Skewering sacred cow and pompous ass with equal justification".

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The Berkshire Eagle
Trashes Bill O'Reilly!

Professional Jealousy or Sanctimonious Drivel?
A Response to The Eagle
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How Alan Chartock conspired with WAMC
to avoid paying IRS.
Failure to report CEO's taxable 'perks'
could leave trustees liable.
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Cancer 'clusters' in Pittsfield?
Do you know someone in Berkshire County with Cancer or other medical condition that could have resulted from exposure to PCB's or other toxic chemicals in the local environment?
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We wanna hear your 2 cents! 
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Berkshire Blog is finally here.  Post your views about anything (especially Berkshire-related stuff).
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Plus, for fans of Berkshire County's newest 
low-power FM community radio station
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Cover-up at WAMC-FM:
Chartock sex harassment costs listeners $20,000!.
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Dynamic Duo?

Out of Power.....
Out of Ideas.....
Isn't it time to vote these two buffoons
Out of Office?
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Ahhh, the beautiful Berkshires:
A great place to raise kids!
Or is it?
Five days of headlines from The Berkshire Eagle:
(Editor's Note: December 12-16, 2004: But it could have been any five days this past year!)
Mother charged after baby born addicted to drugs. 12/12
A young life cut short. 12/12
Three charged in disturbances at N.A. hospital.  12/14
Knife-wielding man disarmed. 12/14
Police investigate 2 armed robberies. 12/14
Pittsfield man arraigned on assault charge. 12/14
Man accused of assault, held on bail. 12/15
2 charged with assaulting officers. 12/15
Police searching for 2 sex offenders. 12/15
Murder defendant from Dalton sent to psychiatric hospital. 12/15
After search, N.A. Police collar fugitive. 12/15
North Adams man sent to prison for break-ins, larcenies 12/16
N.A. woman guilty of drug charges  12/16
Is there too much violence 
in Berkshire County?
(Berkshire County - population: 134,953.  Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 )

"Skewering sacred cow and pompous ass with equal justification"

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